Marijuana should be legal.

It should be legal for medicinal purposes, but also for ALL other uses. The hemp plant has many uses other than medicine, and entertainment. Our mission at WhereIsMyPot.com is to help promote the legalization of the hemp plant for all purposes again.

We also hope to entertain, and inform. Perhaps in the process we can help to cut the wool out of some of the sheeples eyes as we ask "Where is it?"

Some Arguments
  • Hemp is the #1 biomass producer for a renewable resource full on the planet
  • Our founding fathers grew it. used it to build many things (including drafts of the US constitution, Bill of Rights, and Deceleration of Independence.. although not the official documents. Most paper at the time was made of hemp and/or flax). and smoked it.
  • Hemp became more commonly known as "marijuana" through a racist, fear based, propaganda campaign. The real goal being to do away with financial competition. This caused a monopoly over the sales of products, which already had a cheaper, more reliable, less polluting, version made from the renewable hemp plant. Some of the powerfull industries which partook in the smear campaign where plastics, textiles, cotton, oil, and paper
  • Since hemp is a better fiber for production materials such as rope. In theater and sailing, the only rope trusted for centuries was made of hemp. Cotton and nylon fiber rope does not have the strength required for rigging
  • The first Ford Model T was made of many hemp plastic parts, and ran on hemp fule
  • It is natural, and has been found to fight forms of cancer.
  • Statistics show that 60% of Americans have tried, and many continue to use it.
  • A government of the people, by the people, and for the people, should not be putting the People in prison for a crime with no victim, which a majority of the people partake.
  • Prohibition of any kind only leads to the growth of a potentially violent black market.