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Here are some pot jokes... 

‘Hello, is this the Sheriff’s Office?’

‘Yes. What can I do for you?’

‘I’m calling to report ’bout my neighbor Billy Bob….He’s hiding’ marijuana inside his firewood!
Don’t quite know how he gets it inside them logs, but he’s hiding’ it there.’

‘Thank you very much for the call, sir.’ 

The next day, the Sheriff’s Deputies descend on Billy Bob's house .They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they bust open every piece of wood, but find no marijuana. So they leave empty handed...

Shortly, the phone rings at Billy Bob's house...

‘Hey, Billy! This here’s Floyd….Did the Sheriff come?’


‘Did they chop your firewood?’


‘Happy Birthday, buddy!’

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What's a stoner's least favorite inning in baseball?

The bottom of the 8th


Question: What is the difference between politicians and stoners ?
Answer: Politicians don’t inhale…they just suck.

Question: What is the difference between a drunk and a stoner ?
Answer: The drunk will drive through a stop sign while the stoner will wait for it to turn green

Question: Why did the pot head plant cheerios ?
Answer: He thought they were donut seeds

Question: What do you call a stoner that just broke up with his girlfriend?
Answer: Homeless

“Reality is an illusion caused by the lack of good pot.”

“Pot will get you through times with no money, better then money will get you through times with no pot…"

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Dave Chappelle freaking out!

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A few jokes

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We will be posting a few jokes, and links to video/audio/other pages of pot related humor.

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