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aBluntOr2 is a remix of gnu/linux based on ubuntu. It got its name from... guess where... Upon following the future documentation, one should be able to make their own custom distro in as much time as the title entails.

For the first release, Codenamed - Astronaut, to keep things small. cd sized. and light. 256mb ram is enough, we used the xfce version xubuntu as the basis of the desktop environment. It was based on Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

The second release (most recent), Codenamed - Buddha, was a customization of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Download links (32bit, 64bit, 32bit-studio) and info had been posted, but is currently down. another link may be posted again soon. Send an email to request a download link for now.

The Third release, Codename - Cheeba is planned for release shortly after the next ubuntu lts: Precise Pangolin - as of this writing the release schedule still shows april, but doesnt look like it will be done by the 20th :-(

We plan to build most our new releases based on the latest ubuntu LTS release.

We includ tools useful to making your own custom cd or dvd, backup mode, or distributable, which can then also be used to install your new system to a usb stick, using remastersys, and usb-creator.

We will also always include many tools used by our developers other projects. For instance, working with scripted automation for repetitive tasks in your desktop environment is easy with xdotool, and autokey. We may post WhereIsMyPot customization of some these tools into the distros, as well as other scripts our developers find useful.

We have made it simple to enable the restricted modules, codecs, and plugins, like libdvdcss2. Please dont remaster these into any distro, but if it is a just for friends, or just for you backup, feel free. You are on your own for any violations of copyright or trademark you do with the tools included.

To enable all the restricted codecs, from the medibuntu repository, pull up a terminal, and issue the following command.

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -y install non-free-codecs

And every version also includes (or its an easy install of) all your hacking (scripting, programming, penetration testing) needs whether in terminal or GUI: bashpythontclgccnetcatnmapcurlettercapwiresharkniktoaircrack-ngjohnkismet, ect...

This distro can also always be used to install other versions of linux, including source based like LFS Linux From Scratch, and Gentoo; or debian based distros, like ubuntu, using debootstrap

We may also post other code, or distros based on any of those, or other versions of linux.

We will be posting a new page here some time soon, and including some documentation.

Questions, Comments, or concerns - send an email